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2015 Threatens to Undo European Union

2015 Threatens to Undo European Union

In 2015, the world has been put through a series of terrorist attacks, the Greek economic crisis, the surge of migrants, and the standoff with Putin over Ukraine and Syria. All these difficulties were some kind of “strength test” for the mighty and rich European Union, especially for its liberal, democratic values and the principal of open borders. Has this test shown that the founding values of the system are under terrible strain? Is the European Union falling apart?

Twice this year, Paris plunged into deep depression after being attacked by terrorists. These incidents raised a lot of questions about European security and caused a splash of anti-Muslim xenophobia all around the world. The United Kingdom is supposed to hold a national referendum on the EU membership before the end of 2017. Greece is still a financial mess. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin initiated a bloody conflict in Ukraine and took a hand in the Syrian war. A vast number of refugees made their way across the Mediterranean to the European continent, sparking a migrant crisis as the countries struggle to cope with the influx.


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