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2016 Iowa Caucuses: Who Wins, Who Loses?

2016 Iowa Caucuses: Who Wins, Who Loses?

Donald Trump Is Not So Unbeatable

Donald Trump Is Not So Unbeatable

Ted Cruz surprised the pollsters and the Republican establishment by winning the nation’s first presidential caucus and beating Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. According to the results of 97 percent of precincts, Cruz had nearly 28 percent of the vote.

Trump was at the top of each of the last dozen of polls in Iowa, but his lead failed to hold up on Monday’s caucus. The billionaire was at 31 percent in the final polls but finished with just 24 percent. Only one percent separated him from the third place where another Republican Marco Rubio was. So, Donald Trump came closer to taking third than to winning. And although the Iowa results do not necessarily show us who the eventual nominee will be, for many, Trump’s defeat became evidence of the illusiveness of his strength. His presidential campaign had nothing real in it, and it maintained the scandalous image of Trump in the media. And Iowa proved that he was not quite as unbeatable as he tried to show. Although previously, the billionaire repeatedly said that he was ready to be only in one place—the first—loser Donald Trump grimaced and said that “the second place is an honor for him.”

As for Cruz, the Iowa caucuses victory gave him a real chance to forge a path to the nomination. He received strong support from “very conservative” voters and a huge evangelical vote.

Many think that the real winner in Iowa was Marco Rubio. The 44-year-old Democrat got around 23 percent. Political junkies call that overperforming. And it gives the candidate a lot of attention from the political donors and media.

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