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Black Lives Matters against Sanders: what actually happenned at rally in Seattle

Black Lives Matters against Sanders: what actually happenned at rally in Seattle

The last celebration of the anniversary of two organizations, Medicare and Social Security, went somehow unplanned: two persons, who identified themselves as activists from already famous Black Lives Matters community stood up on the stage to blame Bernie Sanders, the senator, for racism.

The whole rally has always been a special event gathering more than 5,000 people, hundreds of them being either expressly or by implication connected with the social work. Westlake Center brought the idea of social security importance through the voices of hundreds of speakers each of them feeling proud as being a part of the whole event.

The further Black Lives Matters actions left some people shocked: just after Sanders expressed the gratitude to Seattle for coming to the celebration, the protestors penetrated on the stage shouting at the senator and demanding the microphone. It took them some time to speak about Mike Brown and what they feel about racism problem in the USA including Seattle. Then they asked to honor the memory of Brown with 5 minute silence and only then let the senator speak

Actually he couldn’t speak any further, as there were doubts whether the protesters would let him speak at all. The celebration has ended suddenly: the organizers hadn’t found a better way as to close the event down and not to provoke new aggression letting Sanders go without speaking.

The Black Lives Matters disruption was met quite ugly by the crowd the first minutes after its representatives’ appearance. Sometimes it felt like the aggressive atmosphere began from the protesters who called not only the senator but the whole crowd the racists as well as perceiving the organization tactics wrong. There were people ready to listen to Bernie Sanders waiting for him for hours and started to become disappointed as the disruption happened.

The conversation ended up like a war with two sides confronting: middle fingers were often showed to the protesters, many refused to chat with them, many booed, so the rhetoric looked like incitement to more active protest.

However it has begun, one thing is clear: what has happened is the result of not recognizing the true racism problem which still exist in the USA. The event left hundreds of people angry, furious, sometimes scared as it was impossible to find a solution simply supporting everything the protestors said. Usually the violent revolution starts with the actions like this: forcing people to take only one side without having time to decide, what actually right or wrong. The delicacy of the situation is that it will definitely take time to realize the true size of the problem and differences lying between lives of black and white Americans. It’s not simply the question to the election 2016 but to all of the US citizens.

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