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  • Day 4 — GOP convention0

    Award-winning photographer Khue Bui is on the ground for Yahoo capturing scenes from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. From protests outside to the convention floor and the quirky stuff in between — we will be presenting his exclusive photographic report throughout the week. Here’s a look so far. Keep checking back as the week progresses.

  • Enter Mike Pence, Trump’s halfway pick

    Enter Mike Pence, Trump’s halfway pick0

    Mike Pence is about to give the most important speech of his political life. And it should go just fine, if Donald Trump doesn’t materialize from the mist again, like a character from “This Is Spinal Tap,” so he can muscle in on the microphone and cut Pence off at every third word. (And just

  • Trump aides adopt boss’s no apologies mantra in defending Melania Trump against plagiarism allegations0

    CLEVELAND—If there’s one thing knowable about Donald Trump as a political candidate, it’s that he’s never let facts slow him down. Among other things, the presumptive Republican nominee regularly claims that he opposed the Iraq War “from the beginning”–which is contradicted by a 2002 interview in which he expressed support for the invasion. He continues to trash

  • The Unconventional Diaries: Fans and foes feel the excitement on Trump’s opening day

    The Unconventional Diaries: Fans and foes feel the excitement on Trump’s opening day0

    Y ahoo News has enlisted participants at the Republican National Convention representing different viewpoints and roles to file daily diary entries on their experiences in Cleveland. They are your eyes and ears at one of the most unconventional political gatherings in generations, offering a front-row seat on the convention floor, behind-the-scenes access to key political

  • Clinton tries to capture the ‘Pokémon Go’ vote

    Clinton tries to capture the ‘Pokémon Go’ vote0

    LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Hillary Clinton joked on Thursday that she wanted people to develop a game called “Pokémon Go to the Polls.” Some of her young volunteers turned her questionable pun into reality this weekend, using the viral app to register new voters in Lakewood, a suburb of Cleveland. The Nintendo game — which prompts users to go outside

  • Be a killer, be a king: The education of Donald Trump

    Be a killer, be a king: The education of Donald Trump0

    During one of the dips in the roller-coaster ride that is Donald Trump’s life — in the midst of a bankruptcy drama, somewhere between the glittery opening of Trump Tower and the circus-like mania of this presidential campaign — the man himself admitted, briefly, to a moment or two of doubt. “My father was right,”