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Condom Bomb: A New Strange Way of Attacking Russian Jets Invented by Jihadists

Condom Bomb: A New Strange Way of Attacking Russian Jets Invented by Jihadists

Nearly everybody knows what a condom bomb is (except for those who are too young or too boring). You fill a condom with water and throw it out of the window on the heads of occasional strangers walking along the street. Pure fun! To make the show more spectacular, some may add dye, glitter, etc. And nobody in the whole world has ever taken this “weapon” seriously. But apparently, there is a group of people that has a very different view of the world.  This entire story with ISIS condoms sounds both frightening and ridiculous.

What is it all about? To cut the long story short, a 3-minute video, which shows the landing of such bombs, was leaked to the internet. People in the video fill condoms with helium (or some other gas that is lighter than air) and tie small black packages to such “balloons.” The first part of video shows the creation and testing of the bomb: terrorists launch it in the sky, and shortly after, it explodes. In the second part, we are shown how ISIS balloon bombers launch dozens of these things in the air.

Why condoms? Though the idea is weird, it is not stupid. First of all, latex is way stronger than the material that birthday balloons are made of (at least, the cheap ones). Secondly, condoms are transparent. In comparison to colorful balloons, they are ten times harder to notice while floating in the sky. And thirdly, they are super-stretchable, which means they can be filled with enough helium to carry rather heavy objects.

Why is it dangerous? Such balloons are probably (!) capable of reaching the plane height. Or, maybe they are intended to be a distraction for the Russian pilots attacking the rebel positions. Whatever the purpose is, the idea is quite dangerous. If the wind changes, these balloons will fly in the opposite direction, towards the place of their launch. Or they will fall somewhere on the civil territories. However bizarre this is, it may cause lots of injuries and deaths. Stay tuned to get hot news about ISIS and important events in the world.

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