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David Cameron: taking more refugees does not solve the migrant problem

David Cameron: taking more refugees does not solve the migrant problem

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron does not think that Britain must take more Middle East refugees, according to what he said during his visit to Northamptonshire. He maintains this position despite a significant pressure on the UK from the EU due to the EU’s current migration crisis.

Nowadays, the arrival of a very large number of refugees to Europe become a challenge for Britain and for other European countries. Germany is one of the countries that supports the decision to open the borders for refugees fleeing conflict and disaster in Asia, Africa, Central America and in the Middle East.

Cameron says that Britain takes an active part in resolving the crisis and sees bringing stability and peace to that part of the world as the most important thing to do toward that goal. And the Prime Minister does not sure that taking more and more people is the answer.

His position was immediately accused: in particular, by Stephan Mayer, a senior member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bloc. He said that such statements could prevent Mr. Cameron winning powers back from the EU. The UK should help to solve the problem of the “huge humanitarian catastrophe” and take a number of asylum seekers, Mayer also added. Italy imposed border control with Austria after the request of the German government, and EU requires similar actions from Britain too. At the same time Mr Cameron does not want to join any resettlement program for refugees and is arguing that it would be impossible to distinguish refugees from economic migrants.

The Prime Minister also told about UK’s actions at Calais and the Channel and about the collaboration with the European partners as well. Some experts say that this year Britain is able to take in about ten thousands people, Germany is expected to take in eighty times more. The number of migrants entering European countries in July has reached a record level—more than hundred thousands.

It is no longer an abstract problem, that is why the political temperature on the issue rises every day. Of course, we are talking about millions of desperate people who try to save their lives and lives their relatives. But the issue, obviously, is much deeper and more complicated, it requires an adequate assessment and cautious actions.

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