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Donald Trump’s America, Part 2

Donald Trump’s America, Part 2

After officially claiming the Republican presidential nomination in July, Donald Trump’s campaign has ebbed back and forth between momentum and controversy, leading pundits to more than once to declare the celebrity businessman’s White House aspirations dead.

But at least two things have remained constant in Trump’s race against Hillary Clinton: the adoration of the thousands of supporters who have continued to turn out to rallies all over the country, and the candidate’s unprecedented ability to do and say things that would have easily derailed other candidates but hasn’t stopped him.

As the most unpredictable election in a generation wound its way towards a wild end, Trump unveiled a series of stunning attacks on Clinton — including a surprise appearance with women who have accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton, of sexual harassment and assault. Trump fended off allegations of his own misconduct against women by stepping up his attacks on the media. He casted the press as a willing partner with Clinton in trying to stop his march toward the White House and encouraged supporters to boo reporters at nearly every stop.

For more than a year, I’ve covered Trump, pursuing the candidate through small towns in Iowa to even the rolling dunes of his golf course in Scotland. But it sometimes takes more than words to capture the unique phenomenon of his campaign — the quirkiness of the candidate, who claims to despise the media but can’t stop talking to reporters and obsessing about coverage; his rabid supporters who see him as someone who can rise above politics as usual to turn the country around; and the many protesters who see him as dangerous to America’s future.

At every stop, I’ve used my iPhone to capture the most unusual campaign I’ve ever covered, trying to offer a lens into Donald Trump’s America, and this is part two of that journey toward Election Day.

Text and photography by Holly Bailey/Yahoo News

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