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Donald Trump’s Company Threatens the UK with Investment Termination

Donald Trump’s Company Threatens the UK with Investment Termination

Donald Trump Organization responds to the scheduled debate that will discuss a possible ban of the Republican contender’s entrance to the U.K. Trump’s proposal on restricting (and even banning) Muslims from coming to the U.S. caused a huge public response, resulting in two petitions. The first one, which suggests banning the politician from entering the country, has already gathered 560,000 signatures. There is also an opposite one, which was signed by 40,000 people. News about Donald Trump’s proposal caused such a response that The House of Commons Petition Committee had to put the two petitions under discussion. The debate will be held on Jan. 18. The chairman of the committee, Helen Jones, says this debate will allow a wide range of opinions to be expressed. The debate will not necessarily result in voting.

Many British politicians have also expressed their opinions on the issue. While several officials supported the idea after the act of terrorism in San Bernardino on Dec. 2, 2015, Prime Minister called it wrong, unhelpful, and divisive. As a backlash, Donald Trump Company responded that the U.K. had created a dangerous precedent and sent a terrible message of opposing freedom of speech.

Responding to the petitions, the British government stated they did not normally share their thoughts on exclusion decisions for individuals, but Teresa May, the Home Secretary, could ban someone from entering the country if she considered them potentially harmful to the common good. Also, the official statement reads thatthe government is eager to continue fighting any opinion that may potentially bring disturbance to the community, regardless of who is voicing it.  

In response, the Trump Organization threatened the British Government with ending the investment project they have in the U.K. now and all the potential future ones. And that is quite a big chunk of money since Trump owns some expensive real estate (Turnberry golf resort and some other) in Scotland. The politician was ready to invest money and effectively collaborate with the U.K., but now this relationship is in danger. The outcome of the situation will be seen on Jan. 18.

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