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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe backs the ‘incredible’ Jeremy Corbyn

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe backs the ‘incredible’ Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has attracted a great deal of support: from British youth to UKIP fans. And even Hogwarts’s inhabitants were fascinated by his “sincere” approach to politics.

Daniel Radcliffe, a star of “Harry Potter” series, said that he is quite excited by the hard-Left MP Jeremy Corbyn and expects him to win the Labour leadership contest. He added nostalgically that the Labour leader reminded him of the adorable English teacher from his school.

Jeremy Corbyn was fast to win Daniel Radcliffe’s heart, and the actor was absolutely impressed by the Labour leader’s sincerity. Moreover, Corbyn has revived fond memories about the favorite Radcliffe’s teacher. No, not Dumbledore.

The actor thinks that Corbyn’s sincerity impresses a number of people, because they are used to politicians who try to cheat them all the time. That is why even if officials say the truth, people still cannot believe them. But Jeremy Corbyn is a man who managed to gain 26-year-old actor’s confidence. In the only interview with Jeremy Corbyn Radcliffe has ever seen, he said, the Labour leader was talking about his allotment and making a jam. He continued to suggest that it was “nice” to have people excited about someone, such as he is excited by Corbyn.

Josie Long, the UK comedian, was supporting Mr. Corbyn from the start of his leadership campaign. Singer Charlotte Church called him “an honest, considerate and cool-headed” man. She said that he is the politician recognizing the inequality in the UK, and he has really great qualities that attract a lot of young people all over the world. She was happy to know that a political movement in her native country focuses on humanity and inclusion. Another British actress who is happy about Jeremy Corbyn’s win is Maxine Peake. This woman was so fascinated by politician Mr. Corbyn that was even sure that youth might be inspired to fight for health, education, peace and justice in the UK.


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