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Highlights of Obama’s 2016 State of Union Address

Highlights of Obama’s 2016 State of Union Address

On Jan. 12, President of the United States of America Barack Obama delivered his final speech at the Capitol. The full text of his speech is published on the official site of the White House.

For the last time Barack Obama addressed the American people as the President of the Unites States. He delivered a traditional message in which he spoke about success and the problems of the economy, policy plans, and his vision of the foreign politics of the country.

During seven years of his presidency, Barack Obama hit a series of such familiar Democratic issues as labor unions, economic growth, drug policies, gun control, terrorist threat, refugee crisis, etc. He also argued that the United States had made a momentous progress on economic and national security issues and offered an ambitious vision for America’s future that stood in contrast to the mood of a large part of the American society.

At the same time, the U.S. President admitted his regrets about leaving the presidential post at the time of the deep political division, “rancor and suspicious between the parties”, and called for an end to a poisonous polarization of American politics. However, the State of the Union address was rather optimistic and life-asserting, and the tone of the speech was chosen to highlight the thought that the United States remains the most powerful state in the world. However, many pro-Republicans called the Presidential speech an attempt to wake optimism in a country that is going through a nervous breackdown.”

Here is everything you need to know about Obama’s final speech.


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