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Huge Landslide: Natural Disaster in China or Human-Caused Catastrophe?

Huge Landslide: Natural Disaster in China or Human-Caused Catastrophe?

As human population rises, billions of people crowd in Earth’s most vulnerable areas and become exposed to huge natural disasters. A streak of shocking natural disasters around the world is continued by a terrible landslide in Shenzhen, China. According to the environmental experts, most of the natural disasters in China are man-made, and this landslide is not an exception.  Excessive piling of waste is considered the main trigger of the catastrophe among some other man-made causes.

The landslide struck on Sunday morning, hit 33 buildings in the city. Shenzhen is one of the biggest cities in China with the population of over 10 million people, and it is located on the mainland right across from Hong Kong. The landslide was so huge it covered 455 thousands of square kilometers with thick red mud and caused an explosion of natural gas.

Hundreds of rescuers are scouting the area in search of possible survivors, but the thick layer of the sticky mud (sometimes up to 32 feet) turns any attempt into a challenge. According to the officially provided information, seven people were rescued from the rubbish with insignificant injuries shortly after the catastrophe occurred, 16 others (several children are among them) are reported to be hospitalized. 85 are still missing, but the rescue teams are feverishly looking for anyone who might have saved themselves. Volunteers have already started crowdfunding campaigns so everyone from all over the globe can help people who suffered from catastrophes. More than 850 people became homeless because the mudslide destroyed three dormitories. Not to mention the economic loss caused by the destruction of 14 factories, two office buildings, 13 workshops, and a cafeteria.

The city residents blame local authorities for the catastrophe. Even state officials admit the landslide could have been prevented by proper placing of the industrial rubbish. 330-foot-high hill made of construction debris lost its stability because of the recent heavy rains. The hill’s slope was dangerously steep, and enough amount of water made this pile of rubbish move. This horrible natural disaster in China is the fourth big catastrophe that happened this year due to anthropogenic causes.

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