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ISIS Uses Condoms to Bomb Russian Jets

ISIS Uses Condoms to Bomb Russian Jets

Inflated Safety Equipment

Inflated Safety Equipment

The contraceptives are released by the militants into the Syrian sky in the hope to destroy Russian bombers and to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin’s onslaught. We can only guess whether such a daring measure could help ISIS insurgents reach their goals.

This newest condom-based weapon can go up to several hundred meters and, apparently, should create problems for Russian fighter jets. The bomb-packages attached to contraceptives are not larger than male fist. It is clear that at least bombers will be surprised with such “safer” method of attack. Or, maybe, they will die of laughter.

The three-minute-long video about condom-bomb super-weapon is edited in the signature style of the previous Islamic State propaganda footage complete with Arabic chanting.

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