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Jeb Bush compares Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush compares Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush governor of Florida says that his competitor in the GOP field Donald Trump does not represent all the priorities of Republicans. Moreover, he accused Trump of making statements “more similar” to the points of view made by presidential candidate Clinton.

“No es conservador”

The new wave of the verbal conflict between the two GOP presidential candidates started this Wednesday. In his recent interview with Breitbart News, Trump accused Jeb Bush of speaking Spanish on the trail. Trump is sure, that the presidential candidate can use only English, at least while he is in the U.S.

Bush responded to this attack in his recent interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” The former Floridian governor said that people in the U.S. need “an uplifting, hopeful message.” And, according to Bush, they have a right to use any language, not only English. Demanding from someone to speak only in English is, according to Bush, “ridiculous.” Moreover, Bush thinks that comments of this kind can be “hurtful” for some people.

Jeb Bush started to speak Spanish while he was answering questions on the recent campaign trail. As he explained later, he did so just because he was asked in Spanish. Speaking about his competitor, Bush said that Trump “no es conservador” (is not conservative).

“His policy is not serious,” said Bush. The former governor supposes that Trump’s initiatives may be “unconstitutional” and may cost “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

Just like Hillary Clinton

The main point, made by Jeb Bush in his latest interview with George Stephanopoulos, was that in some situations Trump does not act like a real Republican. The former Floridian governor noted, that Trump “is a liberal” when it comes to regulation, taxes or health care. In his opinion, most of the Trump’s statements about taxes or health care are deeply similar to Hillary Clinton’s position.

At the same time, Bush said he would support presidential candidate Donald Trump on the upcoming presidential elections over any Democratic candidate. The Republicans need to stay “unified” if they want to win this presidential race.


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