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Most Hazardous: 5 Top World’s Powerful Armies

Most Hazardous: 5 Top World’s Powerful Armies


5. India

There is nothing surprising in India being one of the largest and strongest military powers on the planet—after all, it is the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people. The Indian Army includes 1.2 million active troops and 960,000 soldiers in reserve and is considered to be the second-largest standing army in the world. But, of course, great numbers does not inevitably entail great strength.

Settled between Pakistan and China, its traditional rivals, India is forced to have a significant ground army to be able to ensure its territorial integrity and security withing country’s borders. The presence of several rebel groups, as well as the necessity to carry out regular operations in the country with a population of over a billion, also forces India to have a large number of military personnel. Upon its inception, the Indian Army inherited the organizational structure of the British Army.  

For the last few years, India’s defense budget has risen to $50 billion. Currently, the Indian Armed Forces have 6,464 tanks, 1,905 aircraft, and 15 submarines. The extension of China’s military power and its invasion of India’s Himalayan borders were a reason for New Delhi to place an additional 80,000 troops on the border with China. The same number of soldiers is supposed to be in the British Army by 2020.

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