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NYPD struggle over synthetic marijuana: is it a just well-polished lie?

NYPD struggle over synthetic marijuana: is it a just well-polished lie?

New York Police Department continues to instill fear into the whole nation by hyping the myths over supposed dangers of  “synthetic marijuana”—a special type of cannabinoids that is used as spray over a plant increasing its effects during consumption. The packages named “Spice” or “Green Giant” could be seen on every newscasts and remain a matter of discussions effects of which are being surrounded by unconfirmed rumors.

Last week the Commissioner of Department, Bill Bratton, being absolutely emotional in his speech claimed spices are a “weapon” that leads to madness and flare-ups of violence. He used some videos as an illustration of what happens to the consumers but, ironically, the running naked man showed in one of the videos was from an old episode of the 2003 TV show called Cops.

Earlier this summer Police Chief in Washington, Cathy Lanier declared that it’s the fault of the synthetic cannabinoids that crime level had increased since the sales of “spices” increased as well. Blaming drugs for crime increase isn’t the first case in the police history. Is there truth is those speeches this time?

Majority of synthetic cannabinoids consumers are the representative of the lower classes: homeless and vulnerable communities, those who are looking for a cheap and easily accessible drug so the purchase conditions fill their needs. Many of them apart of not showing up in the special drug treatment centers and absence of drug test results are mentally ill. Combining all those factors with the unpredictable consequences of the drug use makes a complete picture of the people we might met on youtube videos collecting comments about spices’ danger.

Though not striking the potential health peril off the list it must be mentioned that there’s no excuse for police for spreading the false information and supporting the hysterical mood over the problem. Encouraging criminalization of those who are not able to live on at the moment doesn’t seem to be the productive way of national social program too.

Here are some responses to decrease the further distribution of misinformation:

   Stay educated: find access to objective information and scientific research,

   Make response: criminalization after prohibited drug use is necessary but not all the cases of public disturbance should leave to imprisonment or long arrest. It will take time to develop the work of the special health departments which may care about people having mental problems including those having had bad drug experience.

   Improving regulation: prohibit being not really sufficient way to solve a problem always increases it. Some find it better to regulate minimum of legal marijuana consume rather than banning any kind of drug relations. Some countries have already experienced the changes considering the legalization and lower rates of black markets sales as well as synthetic marijuana consume following it.

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