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Oddity of 2015: 5 Weirdest Political Stories, Not Including Trump

Oddity of 2015: 5 Weirdest Political Stories, Not Including Trump

The era of strange and absolutely unpredictable politics seems to be well upon us. Sometimes it is hard to separate the real political news from fakes. The past year has not been an exception: from the presidential primary campaign to the local government and offices of state, 2015 can undoubtedly be characterized with a special oddity, craziness, and sometimes even dumbness. And this list does not even include the “King of Absurd” Donald Trump’s or any other presidential frontrunner’s involvement.

Preparing this material, we were surprised how many American politicians had been involved in kooky, dumb, and downright crazy stories of the past twelve months. High-profile developments in the political world have been encouraging (the Paris climate talks), unexpected (Paul Ryan becoming the new Speaker of the House), depressing (the growing popularity of Donald Trump), and even absolutely delightful (the White House’s Star Wars-style press conference). Some moments went down in the history of U.S. politics as most silly, strange, ridiculous, or notable stories of 2015, but most of them were just another evidence that politicians are people just like you and me. Perhaps, just a little bit sillier. 


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