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  • Is War on Drugs Really Doomed?

    Is War on Drugs Really Doomed?0

    The United States has been fighting the international war on drugs for many years earning the name of the most ferocious warrior for total legalization and decriminalization of currently illicit substances. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, enforcing the war on drugs costs the country more than $50 billion each year. Apparently, the U.S. government

  • Canada’s Oil Crisis Causes “Suicide Boom”

    Canada’s Oil Crisis Causes “Suicide Boom”0

    Just two years ago, oil production in the Canadian province of Alberta could boast an incredible 87 percent of the country’s new net jobs. Today, unemployment in the country’s oil and gas industry is creeping to the 2008 level and huge job cuts are coinciding with the drastic increase in local suicide rates. Experts raise

  • Trump Calls Cruz “Maniac” After Falling Behind in Iowa

    Trump Calls Cruz “Maniac” After Falling Behind in Iowa0

    Since July, there have been two names at the top of every single poll of the 2016 GOP race in Iowa: Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Every single poll until now. The Texas senator Ted Cruz surged ten percent ahead of the once dominant Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. According to a Des Moines Register-Bloomberg

  • “Happy Birthday To You” Now Considered American National Heritage

    “Happy Birthday To You” Now Considered American National Heritage0

    What is the most widespread song in the world? Probably, the eternal hits of “The Beatles” or “The Rolling Stones” come to mind first. But the answer is much simpler than it seems at first—it is “Happy Birthday to You“. This seemingly ordinary tune can be a great way to show you care for someone


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