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Paris Faces Environmental Risks at Climate Summit

Paris Faces Environmental Risks at Climate Summit

People have been living in harmony with Mother Nature for thousands of years. But in the age of industrialization and urbanization, humanity has made nature stand on its knees and scream for help desperately. That S.O.S. message from nature was heard at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in 2015. This prominent event took place in the capital of France on Nov. 30-Dec. 12. Representatives from all over the world came to Paris to discuss the burning climate change news and to suggest the most efficient ideas to reduce climate change.

After 20 years of meaningless negotiations between delegates from 200 countries, today it is obvious that the United Nations have to change the strategy to come to an agreement. Instead of global changes and challenging goals in preventing climate change, every country should develop its own plan to become more eco-friendly. This plan should be based on what is possible, not on what would be ideal.

One of the most important parts of a climate change policy is averting the energy crisis. This issue was brought into focus by the delegates of the Paris Climate Conference. The summit has sent a clear message to large energy markets: fossil fuels are not limitless, their age is ending. Developed countries are trying to replace the energy from the ground with the powerful energy of water, wind, and sun radiation. These are the most harmless ways to get energy nowadays. Delegates of the summit suggested many alternative energy start-ups that need financial resources to be realized.

Delegates could not ignore the issue of the rising temperature all over the world, in another words, global warming. To limit the global warming to less than 2 degrees (Celsius), the U.N. encourage the developing countries to make a contribution to environmental protection. However, for some African countries, for example, it would be very difficult to follow this limit as the African industry has only recently started to develop. Strict warming restrictions and limits can lead the  economy of any developing state to a deep crisis. That is why requirements for the USA, for instance, differ from requirements for Zambia, for example.

The Climate Summit in France was one of the biggest steps towards the environmentally aware age. The Paris Agreement is the first page in the history of solving the global warming problem.  However, we are only halfway to our main purpose – finding harmony with nature again.

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