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Pray for Trump to stay: Stephen Colbert doesn’t want Donald to leave the elections race

Pray for Trump to stay: Stephen Colbert doesn’t want Donald to leave the elections race

In an interview a famous TV show presenter Stephen Colbert admitted he prays for Donald Trump to stay in the race for president election 2015. The reason is simple: Colbert finds Trump to be a great source of new jokes that can be used in the debut episode of The Late Show on CBS coming out on September, 8.

Colbert stated at Association of TV critics press tour that in the U.S. it is a dream of every child to become a president, and that it is a great fortune that Donald Trump turned out to share that dream. TV presenter admitted ironically that he didn’t lose hope that Trump will continue to take all the necessary vitamins in order to stay healthy until September when Late Show comes on the air. Colbert even asked the candidate not to do anything that could be dangerous for his life, like, for instance, motorcycle riding. Colbert also promised to put a candle and pray for the businessman’s wealth and health so he won’t leave the race. The only risk is that someone may put the candle just anywhere in front of his hair, mentioned the comedian.

However, Colbert is still preparing for his show debut. He appeared on the air in the last episode of Daily Show and made a reveal which was a surprise for the audience. During the tribute to Jon Stewart, who is now retired, Stephen Colbert with the second correspondent shouted “We made him cry!” after he teared up. Colbert enjoyed the moment so much that he called it the favorite thing he had ever done on the Daily Show as his boss never let anyone really thank him. Colbert told the journalists he was sure that Jon leaves during the tribute and making it was a real challenge. No one expected how it was going to develop but the team was pretty satisfied with the result.

TV presenter revealed also some expectations from the coming show as he’s absolutely ready to start performing as well as interviewing being more himself, not “Colbert”. Being thankful for what his team has made during the past years he’s anyway looking forward for the next project. As a program of the great improvisator an interview will always be Stephen’s favorite format. He also revealed his love to ask the guest without preparing the questionnaire. “You never know what may happen as you make shooting of an interview”, Colbert said, “It’s a kind of play”.

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