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Republican attempt to block Iran nuclear treaty fails in Senate

Republican attempt to block Iran nuclear treaty fails in Senate

Democratic senators blocked attempt of Republicans to scuttle the President Obama‘s nuclear convention with Iran in the Senate this Thursday. This step clears the path for the agreement’s implementation.

There were forty Democrats and two independents out of a hundred votes who came up against the resolution. It was only two votes below the required 60-vote threshold needed to keep the deal from advancing.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican majority leader, claimed that the House of Representatives announced its decision to postpone the discussion and vote on the draft resolution, that rejects the agreement on Tehran nuclear program. So Republicans intend to prepare three other resolutions to prevent the Iran deal. Mr. McConnell added that they were going to revisit this topic next week.

Obama is sure that this occasion is a diplomatic triumph, a victory for the national security and the security of the whole world. He termed it an historical event. There were long two months of intense negotiations with Iran by the U.S., France, Germany, the UK, China and Russia. Yet, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, objected that this nuclear deal is a real threat to the State of Israel’s existence.

The nuclear agreement between Iran and the U.S. was signed on July, 14. Under the pact Tehran makes concessions on the issue of its nuclear program. In its turn, the Western world provides Tehran relief from some economic sanctions. But Republicans insist that the deal cannot force the Islamic Republic of Iran to end its military support for terrorist groups.

Congress has 60 days to pass an agreement disapproving of the treat due to a law Barack Obama signed this May. The period ends on September 17. John Boehner, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, has promised to kill the nuclear deal with Iran. According to him, the agreement threatens the security of the whole American nation, and it likely to fuel a nuclear arms race in the world.

In July, after Senators opposed the deal with Iran, Barack Obama has promised to veto their decision.

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