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South Korea Radio Station Broadcast Considered Act of War by North Korea

South Korea Radio Station Broadcast Considered Act of War by North Korea

The South Korean government decided to renew Korea radio station broadcasting that was earlier held on the border between the South and the North. The broadcast was stopped in August 2015 as a part of tension reducing policy. Latest testing of the hydrogen bomb held on Jan. 6, 2016 is called the main reason for resuming the broadcast. On Friday, two days after the test, loud speakers situated on the 38 parallel burst with joyful K-Pop songs. Then the broadcast switched to criticism of the North Korean nuclear program and its current leader, Kim Jong Un. The North Korean government considered these songs and messages as an act of war, especially with regard to the fact that Friday, Jan. 8 is said to be Kim Jong Un’s birthday.

During the broadcasting session, the announcer commented on the recent bomb testing and criticized leader Kim. More particularly, North Korea was called the land of death, and its leader was pictured as a tyrant who spends thousands of dollars on his clothes while the whole country suffers from poverty. Then the broadcast switched to popular Korean songs, including compositions by GFriend, Apink, and Bing Bang bands. South Korean music is illegal but extremely popular in North Korea. Since North Koreans are only allowed to listen and watch government-approved TV shows and music, K-Pop compositions are distributed secretly on DVDs and special USB sticks. Probably, this music has such a big influence that it was chosen as one of the means of South Korean propaganda.  

US House Speaker has stated that the House will introduce a new legislation with stricter punishment for countries that trade with North Korea. Obviously, these new sanctions will hit China as the biggest North Korean trade partner. Chinese foreign ministry tries to patch up the dispute by saying it does not have the “keys” to taming North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. At the same time, the Chinese government has joined the UN resolution condemning the nuclear test.

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