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  • Most Hazardous: 5 Top World’s Powerful Armies

    Most Hazardous: 5 Top World’s Powerful Armies0

    The modern world is becoming more unstable—in an increasingly anarchical system like the modern international relations, military power becomes the most valuable form of currency. A state can have all the art, culture, and philosophy in the world, but it does not matter much without a powerful military to defend its own borders. In the

  • Top 5 News of Monday

    Top 5 News of Monday0

    Iraqi Army Retakes Key Base in Ramadi from Islamic State The Baghdad government announced that Iraqi troops recaptured a government complex in the Sunni heartland from Islamic State militants and raised the national flag above the main government building in Ramadi. The site that remains home to thousands of civilians trapped in the midst of

  • NATO Shoots Down Russian Warplane

    NATO Shoots Down Russian Warplane0

    Turkish jets shot down a Russian military aircraft near the border between Turkey and Syria. The warplane has crashed in the Yamadi village, in the Syrian province of Latakia, and, according to unconfirmed reports, two Russian pilots are missing, presumed dead. Turkish military officials say that their F-16s shot down the Russian plane Su-24 after

  • Can ISIS Attacks Strike on U.S. Soil?

    Can ISIS Attacks Strike on U.S. Soil?0

    Many counter-terrorism experts agree that a hypothetical attack organized similarly to the recent attacks in Paris is unlikely to succeed in the U.S., the question of whether the U.S. intelligence officials underestimate the ISIS’ ability to attack Americans remains open. In the aftermath of the Paris shootings in which at least 129 people were killed and

  • Moscow Calls For New Syrian Constitution in Eighteen Months

    Moscow Calls For New Syrian Constitution in Eighteen Months0

    Russia wants the Syrian opposition and government to come to an agreement and to launch a constitutional reform process, followed by early presidential elections. Media obtained the draft document, entitled “Approach to the Settlement of the Syrian Crisis,” that contains eight points, drafted by Russians on the eve of the international talks on the Syrian

  • ISIS Uses Condoms to Bomb Russian Jets

    ISIS Uses Condoms to Bomb Russian Jets0

    • Asia
    • October 26, 2015

    Militants of the Islamic State invented a brand-new method to fight with Russian military jets in Syria. ISIS insurgents came up with an idea to launch “condom bombs” into the Syrian sky. As you can see on this YouTube video, the bizarre method consists mainly of blowing up and then launching thousands of condoms with