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Terrible Murder in Word of Life Church

Terrible Murder in Word of Life Church

From one point of view, person’s religious views are their own private matter, and no one, including and especially the government, should be able to interfere in it in any way. But when these beliefs start hurting other citizens, some action should be taken.

A gruesome murder took place in a small Word of Life’s church which turned out to be a terrible sect.

The church was organized in the late 1990s by people who felt uncomfortable with other churches’ type of worship. The first pastor of the church was Jerry Irwin. At first everything went well, and the things turned out even better when the pastor changed. But soon Mr. Irwin returned, started to develop an atmosphere of constant fear and obedience and soon Word of Life church turned into a sect. The congregants were often forced to show all the records of personal calls and messages trey receive to the pastor, who decided should the call be answered or not. Also, people were coaxed to physical labor, mostly including repairing something in pastor’s dwelling (the third floor of the old school where meetings took place).

Ms. Irwin, 26, became the pastor after her father’s death and things got even worse. Verbal assaults became a normal practice, and the emotional tension was about to reach its peak. This happened a couple of weeks ago when Ms. Irwin accused someone in her congregation of practicing witchcraft. For some reason, 19-year-old Lucas Leonard told he did that. After this confession, the pastor took him on a personal counseling session, where he was punched and whipped with electrical cords. He died after the 12 hours of torture.

During the investigation, some horrible details were revealed. Leonard’s younger brother, Christopher, 17, was also was called into the sanctuary and beaten by more than a dozen of people, including his parents and older sister.  All of the people suspected of participating in the assault are now arrested. Christopher is currently hospitalized with many serious physical injuries and a psychological trauma.

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