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The X-Files: Top 5 Weirdest Government Secrets

The X-Files: Top 5 Weirdest Government Secrets

In the era of big changes in geopolitics, the ongoing debate about the balance between secrecy and transparency in the United States government affairs raises one extremely important question: what are the actual limits of the government’s ability to control the information in the public domain?

Well, every government has something to hide. People obviously expect dictatorships to have some creepy classified “secrets,” but it is far more frightening when leaders of a free democratic country have been hiding some terrible facts from their own society for tens and even hundreds of years abolishing civil liberties, invading privacy, or much worse. The United States government is a top offender, although almost all countries around the world—France, Cuba, Canada, Russia, and many, many others—stumble at every step when trying to walk the line of morality. Of course, some information should be kept secret. However, sometimes it seems like it is not because of its probable devastating effect, but because of the level of its absurdity and dumbness.

Here is a tour of the hush-hush deals that happened behind the closed doors of power at the White House: unidentified flying objects, hidden bunkers, secret rooms, fake attacks, and more.


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