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The X-Files: Top 5 Weirdest Government Secrets

The X-Files: Top 5 Weirdest Government Secrets

Area 51

Area 51

Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Watertown, Home Base—you can find a lot of different nicknames of this facility in the CIA documents from the Vietnam War, but the most common is Area 51.

It is a place located in Southern Nevada, nearly 120 km northwest of Las Vegas. It has been fodder for a tale fro years, and it is not surprising—this 60-square-mile Air Force Facility is one of the most secret and conspiracy-riddled locations on the planet. Even the airspace overhead is restricted. Of course, all this became fertile ground for an appearance of numerous conspiracy theories like those about the secret alien experiments carried out there. According to one urban legend, Area 51 connects to other secret facilities around the country by underground trains and tunnels.

No one could officially speak about this spooky place and what actually happened there. That was until July 2013, when the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of the military base for the first time relieving the CIA veterans of their secrecy vows. And their stories crushed the most outrageous of rumors: they had not seen or heard about any extraterrestrials at the base. In fact, Area 51 was not an airbase in the common sense of the word: it was a place for testing and developing weapon systems and new types of aircraft such as the high-speed A-12 OXCART, the SR-71 Blackbird, and the U-2. The myth about the Pentagon keeping captured alien spacecraft in Area 51 had been likely to be born because of the wide, disk-like shape of the OXCART’s titanium body that reflected the sun rays that sliced through the sky, which might have looked like a real UFO.

The base is still likely to test vehicles and weapons, but the tale about the bodies of aliens recovered there sounds more made-up than real.

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