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Top Donald Trump fails: What the presidential candidate would like to forget before the elections

Top Donald Trump fails: What the presidential candidate would like to forget before the elections

Donald Trump, one of the leading president campaign candidates tries to show his best before 2015 elections: loud promises, actively advertised meetings and many other similar things. The powerful businessman is ready to put everything for turning the attention to his candidacy and creating the image of a strong leader who is able to manage with the critical conflicts. Whether it can be truth only time may show but we have decided to bring back the memory on those many failures Donald Trump have made in his somewhat infamous past.

Researching old magazines’ issues from 80s and 90s, some journalists have found the details on the stories revealing Donald Trump’s mistakes.

  1.   Learning something from music lessons

In the autobiographical book Trump has written in 1987 he mentions his visiting the music classes and admits punching his teacher. Though there’s lot of people whose attitude to these memories is quite neutral (“he was simply immature”), Trump seems quite positive about all that and doesn’t hurry to feel sorry for his past: he explains his actions by being unsatisfied by the knowledge of the music teacher and, while he doesn’t feel proud about the punching, he thinks it was one of the steps that made him a leader. According to Donald Trump one should have power to stand up and protect his opinions in a “forceful way”.

  1.  Being “an expert” on missiles

Donald Trump was sure that only other people need time to learn something about nuclear missiles, but, surely, he knows everything there is to know on the topic already.In fact, he was confident in his knowledge in a typical “Trump way”: “I suppose I know already most of them and how it works.” He stated that the government should put him in charge for nuclear relations with the USSR.

  1. Knowing a lot about how the working class lives

Donald Trump claims that those working with electricity have a little more than a hundred dollars per hour. Some people are born to make fortunes. And the laborers gain a lot of money, “hundreds of thousands” a year.

  1. Problems with homeless and refugees

Trum offered to locate some homeless people in his Trump Central Park South building as he thought that will help him drive out the current tenants of the building and, subsequently, tear the building down. The city offered to put the refugees from Poland there but Trump didn’t want to allow any refugees to stay. Only those “who live in America, not refugees” had a chance, according to the businessman.

  1. Blaming the fall of his businesses on others

After a big fail with trying to create a series of touristic attractions in Poland he blamed everyone, including Poland’s minister of tourism, but not himself. He wasted about $60 million on shops, casinos and hotel buildings. Later he told it was impossible to find “marble of good quality in Poland.”

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