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Top Most Probable Economic Predictions for 2016

Top Most Probable Economic Predictions for 2016

Everyone is now talking about the upcoming presidential elections, but what about the economic forecasts for 2016? In response to lower unemployment statistics this year the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates. However, many Americans have not recovered completely from negative effects of the economic slowdown yet. Besides, we should not count out global economic risks that include the European debt crisis, increased threat of terrorism in the Middle East,  as well as slowing economy in China. Could the U.S. economy continue to grow this year?  What are the biggest risks and opportunities for the American economy? Are there any signs of another recession? What challenges will the future president meet? What actions should the presidential candidates take?

Keep on reading this article and you will find suggestions from the leading economic experts about what to expect in American and international markets in 2016.


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