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Trump launches America First app, a competitive social network

Trump launches America First app, a competitive social network

The Donald Trump campaign has released a new mobile app on Friday that encourages the Republican presidential nominee’s supporters to both interact with and compete against one another.

The America First app serves as sort of a hybrid between social network and game, in which points are earned through actions such as checking in at a Trump-Pence rally, donating money to the campaign, and declaring support for “Team Trump” on social media.

Users are required to create individual profiles that include a variety of personal data: home address, age, gender and whether or not they’re registered to vote. Selfies are also encouraged.

The profiles enable users to keep track of their own points and see where they rank among fellow Trump supporters. The more points you earn, the higher you’re able to rise through the app’s eight levels, from Apprentice to Big Time.

The app also has several point-free features, such Donald Trump Trivia, a running countdown of the “Time Left Until We Defeat Crooked Hillary” and the “Newsfeed,” which appears to be the candidate’s Twitter feed.

Though the Trump campaign first announced the new app in an email Friday afternoon, it had apparently launched last week, and according to ABC News has already sparked concerns from privacy experts about its broad data-collection abilities.

Source: www.yahoo.com

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