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U.S. Struggles to Counter Moscow’s Propaganda Machine

U.S. Struggles to Counter Moscow’s Propaganda Machine

Omnipresent propaganda campaign

Omnipresent propaganda campaign

Diplomats in Eastern Europe also claim that the Russian media are now increasingly dominating the airwaves in the Russian speaking countries while the influence of Western-backed media has diminished.

For example, about 60 percent of cable TV channels in Lithuania are streaming Russian-language programs, which bring the message of Russian policies and perspectives. At the same time, the feeble voice of RFE/RL and VOA can be heard mainly via the web rather than FM radio stations.

The RFE/RL spokesmen put part of the blame on the governments of post-Soviet countries, which did not encourage regional broadcasters to transmit RFE/RL and VOA content during the past decade. The RFE/RL workers also argued that the importance of online streaming of the media content should not be underestimated. For example, Estonia is considered to be one of the most web covered countries in the world.

The recently expanded Current Time show, a joint RFE/RL and VOA television news venture for post Soviet Union audiences, not only secured its prime airtime on stations in several countries but has also reached 2 million Russian visitors on the Internet.

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