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“Unchristian” PM: 5 Times Religious Leaders Did Not Appreciate David Cameron’s Policies

“Unchristian” PM: 5 Times Religious Leaders Did Not Appreciate David Cameron’s Policies

The British Prime Minister decided to use his Christmas message to urge millions of people around the country to reflect on the UK’s Christian values and called Britain a “Christian country” whose religious values made it a “home to people of all faiths and none.” It was undoubtedly his most religious message; in contained everything: mercy, peace, goodwill, and hope, of course. The Prime Minister also added that being Christian made the country tolerant of all faiths.

This is already the second year when Mr. Cameron referred to Christianity of the country, despite the fact that last Christmas he was accused of stoking “alienation and division.” The Prime Minister’s speech caused a number disgruntled remarks in his address like a remark. For example, a spokesman for the National Secular Society said that the Prime Minister “pushes the divisive rhetoric of Britain being a Christian country” and that Mr. Cameron “is the Prime Minister of a diverse, multi-faith, and increasingly non-religious nation.” Stephen Evans, the group’s campaigns manager, said that British people look to political leaders for leadership, not theology.

The secular part of the nation are not the only people having an issue with Mr. Cameron’s policies. Despite his pro-Christian rhetoric, British believers were unhappy with their PM on numerous occasions. Here are the five most notable cases.


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